About Us

Soccersshoes knows when you run onto the field at any given time, it's the most important match you will play all week. From recreational, high school and collegiate teams to various professional teams,soccersshoes's affiliation with soccer across the nation encompasses our passion and commitment to the game. We are extremely proud of our relationships with soccer coaches, players and fans across the country.



Since 2000, soccersshoes has grown to one of the nation's largest uniform and equipment retailers, added retail stores and created one of the nations most comprehensive and competitively priced soccer sites on the Internet.



At soccersshoes we believe there is nothing more important than helping young people participate in the sport. That’s why we ask all our employees to participate in the soccersshoes Save Our Shoes program. Last year, the program collected over 1000 shoes and various other equipment for needy soccer players; then the shoes were cleaned, oiled and laced-up and distributed to inner-city youth soccer programs. Ask your sales representative for more information on any of our special programs. We look forward to working with you and your team.